Modelling Braking: Animation showing the results of our new model of braking before the bend. The model uses gaze rotation information to determine if your speed/steering will be excessive requiring braking.  The blue line connects the participant's position (black dot) with their gaze position on the ground (red circle). The path followed is marked as a green line with braking events indicated by red dots.

Full details of the model are in this online report>>

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Matlab™ animated display of real gaze data related to observer position whilst steering a course. 

The black curves mark the edges of the road as drawn in the scene, the blue line connects the participant's position (black dot) with their gaze position on the ground (red circle).  Centre of the road is drawn in green.



A number of different types of display are used in our experiments.   Since the majority of research requires the recording and analysis of human performance when responding to visual stimuli, it is often necessary to simulate environments so participant behaviour can be measured.


The image to the left shows a participant steering towards a target (yellow posts). 

Their point of gaze is shown by the black crosshairs, and the white emblem is a source of visual direction information that explicitly indicates the current direction of travel. 


This is quite different from an environment with road lines and edges, as can be seen from an observer's gaze behaviour when driving >>


Active Steering

The clips below provide a low resolution example of some of our experimental displays.
Display showing steering over a grass textured ground plane >>
Free Steering: steering towards a target (yellow posts) obstacles with PoG superimposed afterwards >>
Slalom: steering around obstacles >>

Optic Flow

Flow arising from moving along a winding path >>
Display capturing PoG performance, identifying path and heading >>
Interactive flow field available from the Centre for Visual Sciences in the Australian National University

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