Royal Holloway, University of London

Want to get involved in our research?

We need YOUR help in learning more about literacy, language, social communication, and a range of developmental disorders such as autism and language impairment.

We are currently enrolling children and families from Surrey and the surrounding area of all ages, both typically developing individuals and people who have been diagnosed with one of the disorders we study, for several different ongoing research studies.

Completing the study usually takes about 2-3 hours, though we change activities often to keep the session interesting. Most children enjoy the games and activities that we provide, and for most studies, we can offer a small gift as a token of our appreciation.

All of our studies are subject to rigorous ethical approval. Registering an interest in taking part does not commit you to completing the study.

Please contact Courtenay and she will provide detailed information about the studies you are most interested in for you to consider.

Dr Courtenay Norbury
Tel: +44 (0)1784 276 139