July 3, 2022


New Postdoctoral Position and Fully-funded PhD Studentship

new-bbsrc-colourFollowing the award of a major new BBSRC grant, a 36 month postdoctoral position (details to appear soon) and a fully-funded PhD studentship  are available to work with me in 2019 (flexible start dates). The project will investigate frontal lobe and cerebellar learning mechanisms, automatic and controlled processing, and the impact of aging. The project will focus on instrumental learning of eye movements using a newly acquired, MRI-compatible, state-of-the-art eye tracker. We will also use a well-understood, simple, cerebellar-dependent form of learning, classical eyeblink conditioning. Functional MRI will be conducted at our 3T imaging facility at CUBIC, Royal Holloway, University of London, as well as at the 7T MRI facility at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Integrative Neuroscience (WIN, formerly FMRIB), University of Oxford.

Preliminary enquiries and expressions of interest are welcome at any time (n.ramnani@rhul.ac.uk).

Further reading

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  • Ramnani N (2006) “The Primate Cortico-Cerebellar System”, Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 7(7):511-22
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General Enquiries about Fellowships and PhD Opportunities

If you have a strong research interest in our work and would like to explore the possibility of short-term research experience or a postdoctoral position in the lab, please get in touch to enquire about current opportunities.

I consider expressions of interest related to postdoctoral fellowship and PhD student applications throughout the year. If you are interested in discussing possibilities work with me please send me a current CV, a sample of some recent written work, and a cover letter that explains your research interests, the kind of work that you may want to pursue.