July 3, 2022

Research Facilities

Research facilities include

  • An on-site, research-dedicated Siemens Trio MRI scanner (Combined Universities Brain Imaging Centre, CUBIC) that is currently undergoing a major upgrade
  • Facilities for synchronising data collection with MRI scan acquisition
  • A ‘mock’ scanner for pre-scanning pilot work
  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) facilities
  • Several eye-movement trackers including an Eyelink 1000, associated software, and in future a mobile eye tracker in the very near future.
  • Response boxes for collecting manual reaction time, some Cambridge Electronic Design 1401 AD units that can sample incoming waveforms with high temporal precision, and stimulus presentation software (‘Presentation’ from Neurobehavioral Systems).
  • Extensive computing facilities (a set of Linux¬†analysis servers with several terabytes of storage capacity, several Matlab licenses, a backup server, and tape backup facilities). We use SPM and FSL for analysis of neuroimaging data.