Royal Holloway Baby Lab

Royal Holloway Baby Lab is a research facility in the Department of Psychology at Royal Holloway, University of London in Egham. We are a team of researchers studying various aspects of infants’ and toddlers’ development, including self and social development, as well as language and memory.

What would my baby do?

We create fun experiments for babies and their parents to take part in. For instance, in a language study we may use books and objects. In studies looking at infants’ social development, we might ask parents to play with their child, whilst we observe how they interact using body movements, touch, eye-contact and vocalisations. 

Babies find these games enjoyable and parents find it interesting to engage in scientific research. All studies are approved for ethics and safety and all our lab members have received enhanced DBS certificates.

Would we receive anything for participating?

Yes, your baby would receive a small gift such as a toy or book and a “Little Scientist Certificate”. Some studies offer monetary reimbursement as a thank you for your time, as well as for travel expenses.

How old are the babies who participate?

Currently, we are asking families with babies between the ages of 0 and 15 months to enrol in our family database to receive invitations for our ongoing research studies.

What happens after I enrol my baby?

When you sign up, a research assistant may get in touch via email or phone to invite you to take part in age-appropriate studies for your baby. You can then find out more about what the study involves and decide whether or not to take part. We understand that families with young children can be very busy! We will always try our best to work around your schedule when booking a lab visit.