Welcome to the Emotion, Development & Brain Lab at Royal Holloway, University of London. The Lab is directed by Dr Catherine Sebastian, a Reader in the Department of Psychology. We are interested in emotion processing and regulation throughout the lifespan, particularly how these functions develop during adolescence and their relation to mental health and behaviour.

Our work currently focuses on the development of emotion regulation in typical adolescents, and on the neurocognitive mechanisms of emotion processing in adolescents displaying antisocial behaviour. We are also interested in individual differences in adulthood, e.g. why are some people better at empathising or controlling their emotions than others? We use a variety of research methods, including functional and structural neuroimaging, cognitive testing and questionnaires.

We take an interdisciplinary approach, collaborating with cognitive neuroscientists, developmental and clinical psychologists, and educators. Neuroimaging takes place at BUCNI and CUBIC centres.