September 26, 2021

Science Museum “Who Am I?” Gallery

The LAB  was selected to perform several experiments at the “Who Am I?” gallery interactive science experiment space,  Science Museum, London. From March to June 2011, LAB was present three days per week at the Museum’s gallery, and we showcased our research to the general public and attracted the active involvement of over 1,000 visitors who participated in our experiments. This activity has provided a unique opportunity to liaise with members of the public and disseminate on a particularly large scale the research projects that we have been developing at RHUL.

We ran four different experiments that investigated how our sense of self is influenced, among other things, by the way we integrate information from different senses (Title: “Someone else in my mirror? How does it feel like?”), by our awareness of our own heartbeats (Title: “Get with the beat. Listen to your heart.”), by our perception of the space around us (Title: “The space between us: the influence of music on personal space”), and by our social and political attitudes (Title: “Politics and Faces: does intention of vote make you see faces differently?”).