September 26, 2021

Matt Apps

Matthew Apps. BSc. MSc. PhD.



My first degree was in Psychology at Royal Holloway (2004-2007). I was then awarded an open competition ESRC studentship to pursue an MSc in Research methods in Psychology at the University of Reading (2008) and a PhD working with Dr. Narender Ramnani (2008-2011) at Royal Holloway.  I spent two happy years working with Prof.Manos Tsakiris as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the LAB. I have now moved to the Nufflied Department of Clinical Neuroscience, University of Oxford, to work with Prof. Masud Husain.



Research interests:

My research is focussed on understanding the mechanisms in the human brain that underpin learning and decision-making. I am particularly interested in investigating the processes of plasticity that underpin social interactions, value-based decision-making and facial recognition. I use a range of techniques including fMRI and TMS in conjunction with computational modelling approaches.

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