February 27, 2021

Teresa Tang



Bio: I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology at University College London (UCL). I also have a Master’s degree in Paediatric Neuropsychology from UCL Institute of Child Health. I am currently a research assistant at the Lab of Action & Body at Royal Holloway.


Research interests: I have a general research interest in developmental cognitive neuroscience and paediatric neuropsychology. For my postgraduate research project, I worked with Great Ormond Street Hospital on the Optimum VI Project, where I investigated the development of social cognition in infants with visual impairment using electroencephalography (EEG). My current research will be investigating interoceptive awareness in infants using behavioural and neurophysiological methods.


O’Reilly, M., Sakkalou, E., Tang, T., de Haan. M., Salt, A. & Dale, N. (2015). Neural Correlates of Socio-Cognitive Processing in the Visually Impaired Infant Brain. Paper presented at the Child Vision Research Society Conference, Prague, Czech Republic.