Welcome to the Royal Holloway Eyewitness Lab Group. Please click on the sections below to find out who we are and what our research interests are.

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Photo:  Amina Memon, Rachel Ward, Rebecca Street, Eleanor Coles, David LaRooy, Angelica Blasi, Jonathan Tye, Rosie Hodgins, Lara Tanielian Kathrin Braeuninger-Weimer, December 2015



Professor Amina Memon Email: Click here for CV Bio: Amina Memon is a highly skilled researcher and teacher with 25 years of expertise in the field of Applied Cognitive and Social Psychology. Her specialist areas are eyewitness testimony, investigative interviewing and biases in decision-making.  A distinctive flavor of her work has been her close working …

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Researchers and Assistants

Undergraduate Research Assistants 2015-2016   Angelica Blasi Email: Bio: Angelica is a third year Psychology student at Royal Holloway, University of London. She is particularly interested in Forensic Psychology, especially in the implications Psychology has in the criminal justice system in regard to both perpetrators and victims. In addition to being an eyewitness lab …

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Fran 2013

PhD Students

Jeffrey De Marco Email: Click here for CV Bio: Jeffrey completed a Bachelors of Science in Psychology with a concentration in Chemistry from McGill University. He pursued an interest in Forensics with a few postgraduate courses, culminating with a Masters in Forensic Psychology.  His thesis explored the link between intergroup contact and the police.  …

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Lab Alumni

  Dr. Julie Gawrylowicz Bio: Julie graduated from the University of Maastricht (NL) with a MSc in Psychology and Law in 2007. She then went on to the University of Abertay (UK) and completed her PhD in Psychology in 2010. Her doctoral research investigated the ability of witnesses with mild learning disabilities to construct facial …

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Recent Graduates

  Congratulations to our graduates from everyone at Royal Holloway Eyewitness Lab Group.   Lab Group Graduates 2013 Congratulations to the Lab Group Graduates of 2013.  We wish the very best of luck to Federica Picariello, Samantha Chan, Stephanie Cross, Francesca Morreale and Maria Loughrey. Left: Federica and Amina        Right: Amina and Steph (and the …

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