PhD Students

Jeffrey De Marco


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Bio: Jeffrey completed a Bachelors of Science in Psychology with a concentration in Chemistry from McGill University. He pursued an interest in Forensics with a few postgraduate courses, culminating with a Masters in Forensic Psychology.  His thesis explored the link between intergroup contact and the police.  He is currently in the third year of his PhD at Royal Holloway, supervised by Professor David Denney in the Centre for Criminology and Sociology, and Professor Antonia Bifulco with the Centre of Abuse and Trauma Studies (CATS).  His doctoral research is focusing on contact, trust and behavioral intentions of adolescents in London, alternative education and attitudes towards the police.

Research Interests: PTSD in violent offenders; application of the contact hypothesis to the Criminal Justice System; public-police relationships; psychopathology during catastrophic events (i.e. war); utility of offender profiling

Jess Darby


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Bio: Jess completed her BSc in Psychology at Goldsmith’s College, University of London, for which she was awarded a First Class Honours. Her research project examined autobiographical memory specificity and social problem solving skills in adults high and low in autism traits. Jess is now in the final year of her PhD in Psychology at Royal Holloway, supervised by Professor Memon. Her research area is episodic future thinking – the ability to mentally project yourself forward to pre-experience events in the future.

Research interests: Future episodic thinking in contexts related to psychology and law, including detection of deception, witness memory and interviewing techniques.

Samuel Fairlamb



Bio: Samuel obtained a first class honours in his Psychology BSc at Royal Holloway, and is now starting his PhD on the social psychological aspects of prejudice particularly focusing on Islamophobia.
In his undergraduate degree, Sam completed his research project on detecting deception using a cognitive load approach which is now being considered for publication, and was also a research assistant on a project investigating  young children’s attitudes towards the police.

Research interestssocial-psychological aspects of prejudice; Islamophobia; attitude formation and change; group identity and relations; deception detection; verbal and non-verbal cues