Recent Graduates


Congratulations to our graduates from everyone at Royal Holloway Eyewitness Lab Group.


Lab Group Graduates 2013

Congratulations to the Lab Group Graduates of 2013.  We wish the very best of luck to Federica Picariello, Samantha Chan, Stephanie Cross, Francesca Morreale and Maria Loughrey.

Left: Federica and Amina        Right: Amina and Steph (and the effect of sparkling wine)













Lab Group Graduates 2012

Congratulations to the Lab Group Graduates! A lot of our undergraduate research assistants donned cap and gown this week to celebrate all their academic achievements at Royal Holloway. We wish the very best of luck to Kirsty Hart, Annie Bunce, Elina Nikolaidou, Jack McElligott and Reuben Wellstead.

Pic: Left – Amina and Kirsty, Right – Annie and Amina










Dr. Julie Gawrylowicz

Julie completed her PhD in 2010 with Professor Derek Carson, Dr. Fiona Gabbert, Professor William Lindsay and Professor Peter Hancock. Her thesis was titled:

The construction of facial composites by mild learning disabled witnesses.

Julie is now a Post-Doctoral Researcher in the RHUL Eyewitness Lab. Click here for more information.









Dr. Kate Houston

Kate completed her PhD with Professor Amina Memon, Professor Brian Clifford and Professor Louise Phillips, at the University of Aberdeen in 2010. Her thesis was titled:

The Emotional Eyewitness: The Impact of Anger on Eyewitness Recall and Recognition Performance.

Kate is now a Post-doctoral Scholar at the University of Texas at El Paso as part of the Investigative Interviewing Research Laboratory. To visit Kate’s personal webpage – click here.








Francesca Ainsworth

Francesca completed her Masters in Research in  2010 from the University of St Andrews. She was supervised by Dr. Michelle Arnold on her Masters project which was titled:

The Effect of Wanted Posters on Suspect Identification: An Investigation into Prospective and Retrospective Memory.

Francesca is now a PhD student at Royal Holloway. Click here for more information