Working with Eikon: Independent evaluation of Smart Moves materials

Dr Dawn Watling is excited to report that she is working with the Eikon charity, and is currently conducting an independent evaluation of Eikon’s Smart Moves materials with year 6 and year 7 children. Eikon is committed to supporting the development of happy, thriving, and resilient youth in order that they may have a positive contribution to society.

The Smart Moves materials are developed for children in year 6 to support the transition into year 7, but importantly they are developed to build a number of core skills that can support your students through their lifetime, including: developing relationships, coping skills, emotion regulation skills, understanding of the self (and one’s strengths), awareness of the feelings of others, building confidence, etc.

To really gain a sense of the impact and effectiveness of this programme we are now recruiting :

  1.  schools with year 6 classes who are taking part in Smart Moves and
  2.  schools with year 6 or year 7 classes who not using Smart Moves but who are keen to understand how their pupils well-being, resiliency, and behaviour changes across the school year.

If you are interested in hearing more about the project, or in participating in this important work please contact Dawn via email (