MGL Download

External Users

Click on the following link to receive a tar/zip file of the current stable version:


After downloading you can just click on the tar file and it should expand itself or from a command line do:

gunzip mgl.tar.gz
tar xfv mgl.tar

to extract the files.

NYU Users

mgl is available from the following directory. This will always be the latest stable version.


NYU Users who wish to make changes to the code

You can use CVS to checkout a version that you can modify yourself.

> cvs -d ~justin/src checkout mgl

If you want to make changes only to the stable version:

> cvs -d ~justin/src checkout -r v1_10 mgl

Note that changes to the stable version should only be made to fix bugs. If you make a change to the stable version, make sure to make the corresponding change to the development version.

You may also access the code repository via the web by adding the following to your .cshrc.mine file

  1. for csh or tcsh shell:
      setenv CVSROOT
      setenv CVS_RSH ssh
  2. for bash shell:
     export CVS_RSH=ssh

You will need to change to your own login.

Also, you will need to have the cvs binary somewhere in your path on your account. You can copy the cvs binary from


Latest MGL version

To make sure you have the latest mgl version cd to your local folder of mgl and type:

cvs update

Initial setup

Simply add the mgl directory to your path, and you are ready to go.

>> addpath(genpath('MYPATH/mgl'));

where MYPATH should be replaced by the path to your version of mgl.

You can see what functions are available by doing (in matlab):

>> help mgl

There are a bunch of test programs (names start with mglTest) that you can use to test the distribution and see how things are done.

If you want to run under linux, then you will need to compile the distribution, using mglMake (see below).

You may also need to recompile the distribution for your system if you are running an older version of matlab (we run Matlab version >= 7.3 on Mac OS >= 10.4.8). We have found that mex files created on Matlab 7.3 do not run on matlab 14.1 for instance (if you run -nojvm you will see that it complains that it cannot find a dynamic link library for the mx functions–if you run with the matlab desktop it will just crash the system). If this happens to you simply recompile and you should be good to go.

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