Third Year Research Projects 2013-14 -- Johannes M Zanker

Johannes M. Zanker,, (Room W 246)

Understanding the mechanisms and role of sensory systems

projects are experimental and theoretical approaches, including:

• psychophysics: easuring perception
• tracking of eye movement
• computational modelling (if anyone is up for this)

projects may originate from a wide range of topics such as

• perceptual learning • effects of ageing
• visual cognition • adaptations of sensory systems to real world
• perceptual illusions in nature, science and arts
• visuo-motor coordination

what you might want to learn during the project:

• some deeper insights into the foundations of psychology
• (how the brain works?)
• some stuff about perception, what it does for us and where it goes wrong
• thinking, writing, team work, project management, data handling, Excel etc....

Some examples of work in this Computational Vision Lab          

motion illusions:

• perceptual grouping in multiple barbers pole grids

experimental aesthetics:

• what are the composition rules
   in abstract paintings (with Szonya Durant)

Age Related Macular Degenerations:

• managing Metamorhopsia perceived in AMD:
  perceptual deformations




discuss with me your project ideas from these and other areas ...

further information at:

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Johannes M. Zanker