Potential Third Year Research Projects

Johannes M. Zanker, j.zanker@rhul.ac.uk

Third Year Projects

I am happy to supervise research projects in the broad area of visual information processing, 
which can be based on a variety of experimental and theoretical approaches, including:

These projects may originate from a wide range of topics such as

For some initial thoughts about possible research projects,
a small and arbitrary sample of  feasible (and cutting edge) questions,
which can be dealt with in a self-contained project,
can be found by clicking on one of the following links
(this webpage is continually updated with new ideas) :

Students are furthermore invited to discuss with me their project ideas
from other areas of cognitive psychology that may be related to my expertise and range of interests, as indicated below.

Main Research Interests J. M. Zanker

psychophysics and computational modelling of the human visual system; focused on the mechanisms of motion perception, but complemented by broad interest in other perceptual modalities, such as colour, orientation, shape; functional aspects of sensory systems, including development and perceptual learning; comparative aspects of neuronal information processing and visual ecology.

for more details, click here.

Some relevant publications (copies available from J. M. Zanker)

for full publication list, click here.

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Johannes M. Zanker